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                           The South Central Civic League 
                                                                 est. 1948

We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to navigate through this site and experience all of the wonderful opportunities and activities that the S.C.C.L. have been able to sponsor, partner, or participate in. 


In February 2015, new officers were elected for the S.C.C.L. and they have taken the community by storm.  Their mantra is "Marching Forward," and they have done just that. This is the oldest organization in the community and and has served Joppee for 70 years.  


The South Central Civic Leagues monthly meetings are held, the last Tuesday of every month at 7p.m. The meeting location is held at Shady Grove Primitive  Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Michael Morgan.  Each month the community comes together with the City of Dallas, the Dallas Police Department, Code Compliance, and more to discuss stats, development, and how the residents of Joppee can make it an even greater community. Joppee as also been recognized by the State of Texas as an "Historical Site."

Our community is in need of a Multi-Purpose Center. The population is not large enough for a City of Dallas Recreation Center, so we must advocate for our community

needs. Please donate today or email us to find out ways to volunteer, partner, or to learn more about this jewel of a community. We are especially grateful for Austin Asphalt, Union

Pacific Railroad & Martin Marietta for your contributions to the community!



 Freedman's Town 1872




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